Marie Ricks
Professional Organizer
Quick Tip of the Day
I use hair spray to remove permanent marker from hands, hard surfaces, and even clothing--it takes a few applications and blotting with a paper towel on the clothing. I always keep some cheap hair spray around for this very thing. Learn more...
Mother's Niche
We will soon move site content over to Mother's Niche. Come on over and let's find joy in MOTHERHOOD! Learn more...
Marie's Wit and Wisdom
Marie offers her advice on life and its challenges, especially with regards to principles of organization.
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Quote of the Day
"Don't be a SLOB or you'll turn into a BLOB of unhappiness" Read more!
An LDS Perspective
Occasionally, you will find a perspective shared about the gospel of Jesus Christ as viewed by the Latter-day Saint and an orderly life.
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