. Buy It to Try It

Sometimes you can get a great deal when you buy in bulk, find a discounted price, or are just observant and clever.  However, before you buy in bulk, it is wise to try a small amount of the product.  For this reason, I suggest that you carry in your vehicle a small cache of plastic spoons, a hand can opener, and a few napkins.  And maybe some other supplies, depending on what your shopping needs are.

Often when I see something interesting, if the children are not yet climbing out of the cart and there is enough leisure to take this extra time, I will purchase ONE, return to my vehicle, open it, and try it.

If it is a tool, I will give it a test somewhere safe.  I try out a pair of pliers on the nearby garbage can contents, or a screwdriver on the nearest screw I can fine.  A mini-flashlight gets its tryout in the rest room, a glue stick on some notepapers from my planner.

If it is baggies, or aluminum foil, toilet paper, or some other toiletry, I buy ONE, then tear it, stretch it, crumple it, and etc. in my vehicle to test its strength, its thickness, and its durability.

With lotion and shampoo, dishwashing detergent, and other “liquid” products, I generally stick to name brands I can trust because usually off-brands are runny, lifeless or otherwise not what I need as far as consistency and “sameness” container to container.  But if you find something interesting, buy one, take it back to the car, add some water from your water bottle to the shampoo and see what kinds of suds you get, or use some lotion on your face and see how it feels.

I often do this same thing with lipstick.  It if is interesting, it goes on my lips once I have bought ONE tube.  Then back I go for more.

With food, I buy one jar, one can, or one container and have a “mini” feast, trying it alone or sharing it with family who are along with me.  If it is a winner, back I go for the whole case, the whole stack, or the whole shelf.

So buy in bulk as you can.  It saves time, frustration, and decision-making.  But be a wise bulk shopper.  If is new, untried, or off-brand, buy ONE to try it and then go back and wipe out their supply (as much as you dare).

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Photo used with permission of sxc.hu.


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