. Leave a Legacy

It’s going to be an interesting week. And I am going to ask you to do a favor for me. Please! Teach someone this weekend, someone you love and care for, a simple homemaking skill. Let it be your gift to the world, a legacy of sorts, to the generations who will yet come.

I was helping a young girl clean out her bedroom drawer this last week. The drawer knob was loose and I showed this child how to press her finger on the inside screw and twist the knob on the outside of the drawer with her other hand until the knob was tight again. As I did so, I realized that this skill will stay with this girl for the rest of her life. Important? Probably not, in and of itself. But this child (I could tell from the fascination in her eyes) had rarely had the experience of FIXING something until it worked again. It is not so important that we fixed one thing. It was important that she gained the confidence to FIX! Yes, I could tell from her conversation and her going from drawer to drawer to make all the other knobs tight, that she would never be quite the same. She could fix something and make it work again!

There are many other skills to pass along: using a screwdriver to tighten a screw, folding clothes neatly, putting books on a shelf orderly, or wiping up a sticky spill from the floor. It doesn’t matter what the skill is, just make sure that you aren’t doing it yourself (to get it done fast and easily) instead of letting another learn. Those that surround you need the skills you have, they want them. They will not do them as well as you can, but let them try. Insist that they do, in fact, this week.

I remember once that I taught one of my sons how to fold his underwear. It was a rainy day and the others were playing a game, so he was alone with me and felt special because of my attention. I taught him how to lay the underwear out and fold it in half and then in half again. Even now he remembers that moment of understanding how to be independent in folding his clothes and more importantly how to bring order from chaos. It was a small moment with large consequences. His whole approach to life changed on that day! He could do it. And I had shown him how!

So, as a gift to your children, your spouse, or any loved ones that will surround you this weekend, leave a legacy, a gift of skill. Teach someone a small, simple skill and make their life different for all the years to come.

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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