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Cartooning Fun

So many people have asked why a home organization specialist would put a cartooning book on her site, that I thought it best to address the question publicly.

Its really very simple:  mothers, aunts, and grandmothers don’t get much of anything done unless their children, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren are occupied.  Teaching a child to be self-occupying is one of life’s greatest gifts, both to the child and to yourself.  He or she learns to be independent and explore different worlds while you are free to do the same or at least keep up with the laundry.

I am not an advocate of a lot of television, less video games, and even less time on the internet for children.  Letting someone else do the speaking, thinking, and acting does little to stimulate their minds, stretch their imaginations, or teach them self-worth and self-discipline.

But what of simple drawing?  The child who explores the world of art is at the beginning of a lifetime adventure.  Yes, I know I had one of my children become a professional artist and so he was inclined, you might say, in that direction from the beginning.  But what of my other three sons?  Did they not benefit of this instruction at an early age?  Of course; not only did they occupy themselves nicely for long periods of times but they were creative in so many other areas of their life.  Even now they are expressing their creativity in different and appealing ways as they mature:  medicine with an interest in mechanics, computer science with an interest in journalism, and animation with an interest in everything.

I believe that teaching my children to draw, then letting them go to, was an important “simple” thing that has turned into gigantic benefits all around.  So what better way to help you help yourself than to offer a book which will let you teach your children to draw or even let them teach themselves how to draw.

The Cartooning Fun download is complete with simple drawings.  Fancy drawings confuse and discourage children of all ages.  It is easy in instruction and direction, letting the children roam with their imaginations with the inhibition of seeing how someone else did it.  So I encourage you, whether you buy my Cartooning Fun book or find others elsewhere, to take a little time to teach your children to drawing simple cartoons and watch them occupy themselves and strive to grow in their skills even as you have more time to keep up your home, get those dishes done, and maybe even take a turn with the pencil yourself!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.

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