. Are You Ready for a Cold or Bout of Flu?

I haven’t thought much about being organized for sickness until this past weekend when I got a bad cold.  Now I am thinking about it plenty.  There is nothing worse than waking up with a sore throat and not having any lozenges to suck, or getting aches in your joints with no pain medication in the cupboard, or needing some nourishment but having nothing that even sounds remotely decent to put in your mouth, let alone in your stomach.

How about three simple ideas for your next shopping trip?  Buy up some “illness” toiletries, several over-the-counter medications to make your next illness easier, and some special food for that tender tummy.

“Sickness” Supplies – Purchase a good supply of kleenex, toilet paper, and gallon ziploc bags.  They will serve you well as you give the ill person a personal box of tissues for his bedside.  This will save spreading germs.  You can also have a roll of personal toilet paper in the bathroom to confine the illness as much as possible.  You can prepare a gallon ziploc bag, draped over a edges of a small bowl, for the family member in distress.  Just upchuck, ziploc, and dispose.  It is so much easier for everyone then the mad dash to the toilet which sometimes works and sometimes does not!  Even small children will find “instant” relief when the food is coming up.  They just sit up, reach for the “upchuck” bowl, and let it go.  You may also think of other toiletry supplies specific to your needs.  Buy enough of each to get through the next few cold, winter months.

“Sickness” Medication –  Depending upon your own experience, you might want to purchase some lozenges, some cough syrup, a bottle of ear ache relief drops, several decongestant/anti-histamine medications, and some kind of pain relief.  Get an ample supply to suit the tastes of your family.  Then when the ear ache starts in the middle of the night (which seems to be the case with young children), you may be able to hold off getting to the doctor until morning.  When the aches and pains set in, you will have medication to relieve the misery.   When your children trouble you with their coughs, you can gently encourage a bit of medicine to send them back to sleep.  When your head gets stuffy, you can go to the cupboard to feel better instead of taking all that energy making a trip to the store.

“Sickness” Food – Some things just taste better when you are sick.  These include cold lemon-lime soda (specifically 7-up), soft-set Jello (particularly raspberry and sometimes orange flavors), and instant butterscotch pudding (and occasionally vanilla).  Some chicken noodle soup would also be nice, along with some soda crackers and applesauce for when you feel like having a little bit to eat again after a couple of days of emptying your stomach.  What does your family like to have when they are down and out?  Stock up on these supplies and set them aside for those inevitable sick days ahead.

Good luck!  I hope that you don’t get sick this season, but if you or a member of your family does, the “family nurse” will be ready with some “sick” supplies to ease the runny nose, make the upchucks a bit easier, and have some yummy treats to settle down the stomach.

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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