. E.E.E. Purging Plan

My holiday company has left, my decorations are stored, and my “to do” list is already very long for the this new year.  But even as I get going on my outstanding projects, I also want to get my personal life and home in order again.  I want to live “leaner” and “nicer” this year without the encumbrance of over abundance which constantly threatens my peace and perspective.  So I have a new plan.  As my daily schedule allows, I am going to go through all the rooms in my house and employ the E.E.E. plan for each and every drawer, shelf, nook, and cranny.

The E.E.E. plan provides for minimalization (if there is such a word) and allows me to work as this project even as I share abundantly what I don’t really need.  The three steps are:

– 1)  Everything out (of the particular closet, cupboard, or drawer I am working on),


– 2) Essentials back in (with a goal of getting keeping half or 50%), and


– 3) Extras gone (from my life)

So first I am going to make up a simple chart (download the E.E.E. Purging Plan Chart for your own use) which will list the rooms in my house and the kind and number of drawers, shelves, nooks and crannies each contains.  This will give me a picture of my pacing.  I am going to be doing this for a few months and with a chart of my E.E.E. plan and a bit of time each day to purge, I can still keep up with my other responsibilities and feel so much better about myself and my life.

I’m going to start at my back door and work around the house room by room, using this simple chart to list the shelves, drawers and closets that need attention.  Then I can check off my progress as I work through my E.E.E. plan.

For instance, I have a laundry room next to my back door with eight shelves on one wall of storage, so my E.E.E. chart for the laundry room will have eight boxes to check off next to eight listings of “shelf”.  My half bath has one cupboard with two shelves and one vanity, so that room will have three listings and three boxes to check off.  The pantry will need twelve listings and boxes…

So, if you need to overhaul your life, your home, and your stash, employ the E.E.E. plan.  Together, we will find peace and prosperity as we clean out and clean up.

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.

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