. Going From Frustrated to Focused

Today we are going to talk about being frazzled, frustrated, and frumpy.  I would like to discuss this everyday challenge in our lives and offer some suggestions to move to being focused, making life fun, and even somewhat easy.

In our lives there are certain areas where we just really don’t like our jobs.  It might be the dusting, the vacuuming, the laundry, or the dishes.  It might even be five of those things!  May I encourage you to focus on one of these challenges this week.  Sit back and look at the activity, the responsibility, or the chore and see what you can do to move from feeling frustrated, frazzled, and frumpy.

Dress One Level Higher

May I suggest we dress one level higher than our mood so even when we are doing the laundry, the gardening, the dishes, or taking care of the children, we feel a little pretty.  Let’s look at our routines and see what we can do to make that job a little easier.  Do we need to buy some better tools, do we need to paint a wall to make the area cheery, do we need to organize things so doing the job is a little bit more pleasant?

Delete 10% of Your Commitments

Lastly, let’s move from being frazzled.  Usually we feel frazzled when we are trying to do too much into little time.  In many women’s lives, if I can get them to delete about 10% of their pressures, there is a significant improvement in their capacity to take care of their most important responsibilities.  So this week look at your laundry, your dish routines, your menu planning, or your child care patterns and focus on one that is particularly frustrating, makes you feel frazzled; and well, sometimes even makes you feel frumpy.  Ask yourself what you can do to dress a little nicer, to organize at little bit more, and to delete a little bit here and there so the feeling of control can return to your life.

Get Rid of the Uglies

It is up to us to say no, maybe not now, and maybe just a little bit later.  It’s up to us to throw out a T-shirt with a bad stain on it so that we don’t have to wear it anymore.  It is up to us to look at our problems and always be moving towards solutions that function better for us.  I encourage you to move from being frustrated, frazzled, and frumpy to being more focused.  You will feel better, you’ll see things with greater clarity, and you’ll be able to endure the long, wearying days better.

Take good care, my friends, and may your life become just a little bit more orderly.

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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