. If You Care …. Keep a Spare!

In addition to other hints, another way to save lots of time is having an extra of everything in your house.  This will happen naturally as you incorporate the habit of “Need One, Buy Two” which we have just talked about, but once you have gotten your precious items home, do yourself and your whole family a favor by using “Rubber Band Babies.”

Rubber Band Babies

Rubber Band Babies are the last of any item in your home.  It is the last bottle of catsup, the last container of aspirin, and the last jar of cream.  These items are designated by putting a rubber band around them.  Then, when you get this item out of the cupboard, it being the last one, you will immediately be reminded to add it to your written grocery/errands shopping list.

Rubber Band Party

So, add “rubber bands” to your shopping list for this week and have a “Rubber Band Baby” party.  Go through each and every one of your cupboards.  Put a rubber band on the last of each item you have stored.  You will probably discover that you have an item here and there of which you only have one.  Put a rubber band on it, anyway, and add this item to your shopping list immediately.  Remember, always be thinking:  “Need One, Buy Two”….three, four, or more.

So if you care about saving time, keep a spare of everything.  This is your next time-savings goal:  always have a spare on hand, always!  Using rubber bands is an easy system which even the youngest member of your household can understand.

Here’s Another R.B. Baby

“Mom, I just pulled out a ‘”Rubber Band Baby’!” will be a comment which will ring in your ears with comfort and consolation.  You can add the item to your shopping list now and take care of repurchasing it when you regularly go shopping again.  No more emergency trips to the store.  You are one step ahead of the game.  So if you care, remember…..keep a spare.

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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