. Little Things Time

Sometimes your children, especially the grown ones, can cut right to the core of life’s issues to bring greater illumination and clarity.  For instance, just the other day my son said, “Mom, I am beginning to have ‘little things’ time as part of my daily routine.”

He sets aside some time right before dinner (or before bedtime, or right after he showers, or between studying and socializing depending on the day of the week) to wander around in his apartment and attend to the undones of his life:  the wool Sunday sweater that needs mending on the shoulder seam, the undone screw on the wall that catches his washcloth every time he deep cleans the kitchen, the bike tire that is almost too flat to ride on, or the difficult email message that remains unanswered.

I am fascinated with this concept because in all our prioritizing and making sure we attend to the big, important responsibilities, we often leave the “little things” for later.  And, because they are little, they can remain undone for a bit and really not undo our lives.  But since they remain undone, we live a slightly “frayed” life.  And this fraying comes because we don’t take five, ten, or fifteen minutes a day and take “little things” time.

So, I am going to be on the lookout during the next week for the “little things” that need doing in my life.  I am going to give myself permission to turn from the bigger responsibilities as dinner is cooking (my chosen time for “little things”) to play one song on the piano (one of the little things I never get to), to repair one small item (first on my list is the carpet threads on my staircase that need tacking), and to clear out a drawer (the kitchen tool drawer is getting messy again).  I am going to trim my frayed life back just a bit and come to a place of greater order, all in five to ten minutes each day.

This means my front porch will lose its cobwebs, my car glove compartment will get dumped and cleaned, my garden gloves will have the longest finger mended, and on and on….  Oh, why do we live with so many undone “little things.”

I know we are busy, too busy to finish up, clean up, mend, and enjoy life’s best moments.  But they are ours for the taking if we will give ourselves permission.  Let’s look (for a just few minutes each day this week) for the “little things” and attend to them with great love, for all little things are best attended to before they become bigger, more dangerous, more time-consuming big things!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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