. Never Run Out of Anything Again

We have a singular challenge almost every day of our lives, one which I hear about frequently when I work with women.  “I’m out of something again!”

It might be gas or checks or cash, stamps, socks, nylons, or medication.  This is a problem we can solve in several easy steps.  Then, you will never be out of anything again.

Most people can remember when they first knew it was time to replenish, but they postponed it for some reason.  The fuel tank empty light went on, the bottle of medication felt light, their pants got a hole.  But having waited, they waited too long and then they were on EMPTY!  So, it is important and essential to set your own personal standards of replenishing.

For instance:  “I will put a new pad of checks in my purse when I come to the post-it note that I always put 10 checks before the end of the current pad.”

“I will buy two rolls of stamps now, and I will buy a new roll when I begin to use the second one.”

“I will purchase two bags of socks the next time I buy socks for my children, my husband, or myself.  I will keep the spare socks in the store room so I will never run out of socks again.”

“I will call for my refill when I get down to my last 10 pills (or 20 pills or 30 pills depending on often you use your medication) and pick up the prescription when I do my weekly grocery shopping.”

By setting replenishing standards and then sticking to them (as best as you can with the stress you are under), your mind moves forward to a new and safer place.  It is important for the person that is working towards organization to always be at the head of the game instead of behind, for when we get behind, we are rushed, we are in trouble, the store is closed, the gas station is out of gas, our socks have holes in them, or maybe we will be going to church without a slip again.

Having replenishing standards and creating new, “sooner” habits will insure you always have extra, too many, and maybe even an overflow in your life.

If you suffer from this challenge in your own life, are married to a spouse that has this test, or have children that struggle with this problem, then may I suggest:

1)  review what is always running out,

2) decide when and how  to initiate the replenishing process, and

3) set up methods to remind yourself that it is TIME!

Whether is it gas, checks, cash, stamps, socks, or medication, standards for replenishing will help life run itself a little bit smoother.  You will feel a little bit more organized when the sock gets a hole, for you can simply go to your stash to replenish.  When your gas hits the one third full mark, you know it’s just about time to look for a station.  When the medication bottle begins to feel empty, it is time to call in a refill prescription.  Take good care and welcome to a more orderly life!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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