. One Thing Done, One Great Feeling

Today I’d like to share several ideas from an e-mail I received from Valerie W.  Recently, I shared some ideas about the challenges we sometimes face when things go bad, bad, bad and seem to get worse, worse, worse.  To counter these types of challenges, Valerie commented that every day she tries to do one small thing from her “to do list” that has been bothering her.

Small To Do List Items

These items probably aren’t really very important and probably will never make it to the top of her to do list.  For instance, she might take 10 minutes while she’s talking to her mother-in-law and clean out the kitchen junk drawer or she’ll organize the gloves are in the box at the top of the coat closet near the front door while waiting for the children to come home from the bus.

One List Item/Day

In other words, she tries to do one thing every day.  She says this gives her a certain sense of accomplishment and makes it easier to go back to the mundane, often repeated, and rarely noticed items of housework and homemaking that are a part of her everyday life.

Make a List

I think this is a wonderful idea.  May I suggest that just for this next week you review your to do list and find several short, really not so important items and take care of them, one item per day.  For instance, right now in my bathroom, I can see cobwebs up at the ceiling.  Yes, they can sit there for a long, long time, and they’re really not all that important.  But tomorrow they will be vanquished and on Wednesday I’m going through my lipsticks and discard every single one that doesn’t look good on me.  And on Thursday, I’m going to go through the container on my desk and throw away all the pens that really don’t write.

Sometimes it is these little things that make us feel somewhat in control when we notice the cereal on the floor crunching under our feet, our baby’s dirty diaper, and another batch of laundry to fold.

Take good care now and choose seven small, short, not very necessary things that have been bothering you, items to complete, to cross off, and to make you feel in control.

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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