. Replenishing Habits

Today I am going to share ideas about how NOT to run out of anything anymore, or in other words how to improve the replenishing habits that will save time, trouble, and hassle in all of our lives.

We run out of gas, we run out of fresh batteries, we run out of our prescriptions.  What can we do to improve these skills so we don’t run out of anything anymore?  May I share four concepts that really seem to help people?

Set “Earlier” Standards

First, set “earlier” refill standards. When I talk to people and ask them how low they let the gas get in their car before they get uptight, I get a variety of answers from, “Well, I have a gas can in the back if I need to walk to a station” to “I wait till the red light goes on” to “Well, I kind of wait to get sort of close to empty”.  May I suggest that for the rest of your life by setting an “earlier” refill standard, you will always have gas.  I like to suggest that as soon as the gas gauge hits the one-quarter full mark, you plan on looking for a gas station.  This gives you a couple of days or a couple of trips to be where you want to purchase gas.  It is just a small, but important change in habit.  You will never run out of gas because you can’t if you’re always one quarter of the way full.

Plan for Next Time

Second, when you get a prescription, immediately write on your calendar or your planner when that prescription will be up and then make another written note two or three days before as a reminder to call in the refill or check in with your doctor.  Make the call and pick up the prescription on the next days you run errands.

Have Second Set

Third, have the habit of having a second fresh set. We use batteries in so many different ways; we have cell phones, laptops, and cameras.  May I encourage you to always have a second fresh set of batteries ready to use.  In other words, if you buy a new camera, get a second set of rechargeable batteries, and have them charging so that they will be ready at a moment’s notice.  Do the same with your laptop and any other item which needs fresh batteries occasionally.  With your cell phone, have a regular habit for recharging on a certain time of the day or week.

What Might Happen?

Finally, prepare for the inevitable.  I encourage people to prepare for the next time this time.  As you come home from running errands today, clean out your car, make sure you have change for the meter, a little bit of cash stashed, the water bottles are filled, and Cheerios in a container for your children.  If you do this you will be unlikely to have an unpleasant trip, because although you might be stressed the next time you climb in your car and not even be thinking about some of the needs, you will be safe knowing that at the end of the last trip you replenished.

This next week I encourage you to find one or two places where you could really improve your replenishing habits.  Then have a wonderful replenishing, I’m “just a little bit early” week if you can!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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