. The Annual Report

Even if you don’t keep a journal, the concept of the Annual Report will capture the events of the previous year into a permanent record and can become a tradition that will alleviate stress because you don’t write in your journal regularly.  It can also help you prepare for the excitement and changes the New Year ill surely bring to your life.

Usually on one of the evenings before New Year’s Eve (and sometimes on the Sunday afternoon after New Year’s Day, depending of our schedules) my spouse and I take a few minutes to list the important events of the past year.

This helps us get some perspective as to why we are where we are emotionally, to understand how much has changed in our lives, and to propel us into the new year with more energy and anticipation.

Then we list the probable events of the upcoming year.  This helps us, at the very beginning, to realize the pacing, patience, and wisdom needed to allow us to “launch” and “land” appropriately and still keep our health, our heads, and our hearts (meaning there will be enough emotional strength to spread around).

You can download an ANNUAL REPORT form (and the Annual Report~sample) to help you along the way, too.  So take a minute to remember and another few minutes to plan.  It will make all the difference as the new year begins.  Then, when your company has left, the kids are back in school, and your spouse has returned to work, you can settle down to make goals, figure out answers, and move into the latter weeks of January or the first weeks of February with confidence and calm (and yes, sometimes the new year doesn’t exactly begin on January 1st).  Take good care now, breathe deeply, and let’s plunge into a new year!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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