. Advantages of a Later Closet

I would like to promote the concept of the “later” closet.  It is a place in one of my closets which serves to hold my projects between beginning and end.  I have been using my “later” closet for years and realize, again, just how useful it is to me.

You see, when I go shopping for fabric, I don’t have time to sew up the fabric into scarves right away.  Into my “later” closet the fabric goes.  Then, when I’m on the phone, I can pull out some fabric and straighten the edges with plans to sew up the scarves as I can.

I keep my library books here, too, so they are handy when I take a moment to rest and refresh my soul.  The receipts that need entering into my budget and the gift cards I want to use someday to have a treat at Maggie Moo’s are tucked into a small tray in this closet.  Yes, my confusion and disarray is kept hidden from the world with the use of this simple idea.  Outside I appear to be put together, even as I have a special place for my next priorities, which in their current state often look messy and muddled.

Occasionally I keep a newly wrapped gift in this closet waiting for delivery or mailing.  Sometimes it holds secret projects for an upcoming holiday.  But always, always, the closet is reserved just for “later” projects.  If later means two days, two weeks, or even two years, the projects are safe in their halfway house.

In some ways, this closet is a gauge of how far I am behind in life.  When the closet begin to bulge, it is time to slow down my intake and increase my output.  So I try to stay away from stores and stay more at my tasks.  I try to catch up on my life and reduce new commitments.

May I suggest that a “later” closet is very useful for anyone wanting to have more order in his or her life.  Just stick the someday projects behind closed doors, welcome your company, and smile broadly when they comment that you seem so organized and put together!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission of nubuck.


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