. The Slinky Principle

I have heard that “work is anything that stops being fun before it gets done”.  Oh, how true (and how discouraging)!  However, our work can get done for today, can be finished for this week, and can be completed until next month.  In order to move from “never done” to “I’m done (for now)”, we must understand and employ the slinky principle.

A slinky is a rounded piece of metal that is produced like a continuous spring.  Children put it at the top of the stairs and watch it spring over itself and go down the stairs one at a time.

For our purposes, the slinky represents our unending work.  Over and over and over again the laundry needs attention, the dishes need doing, and the toilet needs cleaning.

However, if we drew a line with a permanent marking pen down the slinky on one side, we would have start and stop places all along the slinky.  In this same way we can approach personal and home organization.

“I will do two loads of laundry each day which will allow me to keep up on my family’s needs.  With two loads done, the laundry can be done for today!”

“I will do the dishes immediately after dinner and empty the dishwasher before leaving for work in the morning.  Then the dishes will be done for the day.”

“I will clean the toilet upstairs on Saturday mornings and let my teenage boys clean the downstairs toilet when they do their weekly chores.  Then the toilets will be finished for the week.”

Ask yourself what “slinky” jobs are burdensome to you right now and how you can “finish” them for a day, a week, or a month, so you can stop having those heavy undones on your minds.  May you understand and employ the “slinky” principle with success.  Lots of your responsibilities won’t ever be done, but they can be finished “for now”!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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