. With All Your Getting, Get Going

(This post was written in 2008 and is still timely today.)

Recently, I had quite a week.  My husband received a release from a major Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church calling after serving for six years.  Time for change…  Then I learned of the unexpected death of a good friend of over twenty years.  Time to weep…  Then came a Sunday admonition I’ll never forget.  Time to listen…  May I share what is happening in my heart as a result?

At Sunday’s worship service, these spoken words struck home:  “With all [your] getting, get going!”  In this instance, the warning was about getting prepared:  buying up some food, getting some toilet paper set aside, filling some bottles with water, and otherwise “get going.”  (Remember, “being prepared” is not an event, it is a process, one that lasts a lifetime.)

I know we are all busy.  I know there doesn’t seem to be enough time to think about this and “get going” as we would want.  And so we go to bed each night with the important left undone and worry still on our mind.

The admonition was pronounced on Sunday, “Get going”.

May I suggest you spend just a few minutes right now, yes right after you read this email and decide upon four projects you can tackle this next month, one per week, to “get going?”  It will get you on your way and with all your getting, you find answers, solutions, and begin to squirrel away as you have always wanted.

My husband and I decided to do an food storage inventory and go shopping on our way home from the graveside service yesterday as our first project.  We found many people in the stores, shelves empty under the sign reading “rice”, and a general apprehension in the air.  After all, there are earthquakes here, tornadoes there, and droughts someplace else.  Time to “get going.”

I don’t know your circumstances, but I do know that we must “get going” now.  If you need one, buy two.  If you need two, buy four.  If you need four, buy more.  Just a little bit at a little time, just do it now.

Doing this will bring more order to your life, protection to your family, and alleviation of your worries.  So, pick four projects (one per week for the next month), make some plans, get out and get going, and keep going so until you feel ready, safe, and prepared.  It is time!

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Photo used with permission of sxc.hu.

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