. Bad News to Good Progress

The news is pretty bad right now:  gas prices up, house prices down, food prices up, job opportunities down.  This up/down is upsetting and down-trodding!  It also causes us to worry, and to feel a certain sense of panic, and to spin our wheels and consequently make few modifications.

Address These Issues

However, organization demands a different approach.  You see, moving from “bad news” to “good progress” means addressing four possible items of major importance right now:

1)  Getting more food put away (the sooner the better),

2)  Figuring out how to earn more/spend less (creativity enters in here),

3)  Deciding how to reduce vehicle use, and

4)  Calculating how to secure the professional future of our family.

Ask These Questions

Moving from “bad news” to “good progress” also means asking four questions:

1)  Where am I lacking (the most)?

2)  What needs to be done (and can be done reasonably well now)?

3)  Who is going to do what (specifically, very specifically who is responsible)?

4)  When will I (we, they) do it?

From Goals to Tasks

Moving from “bad news” to “good progress” in an organized manner means taking our goals and from them choosing small, simple, and reasonably short tasks.  (Remember, every marathon happens one step at a time.)  For myself, I am going to buy up two cases of canned fruit at the store this Thursday (as I seem to be lacking in that area).  I am going to try making homemade bread next week (to spend less money and rotate through my food storage flour).  I am going to walk to church this Sunday if the weather cooperates, and I am going to begin writing another book (or at least get my thoughts together in that direction as I am just now finishing up Organized For A Mission, A Guide for Parents and Missionaries).

Small Changes Made Now

Can you see that it isn’t complex?  It isn’t the big things!  It isn’t major changes!  It is 10% here, a small change there, a simple shift here, and a focused effort there.  We must receive the “bad news”, but we don’t need to succumb to it.  Let’s make some “good progress” this week!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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