. The Beauty of Backups

I am still learning the important lessons of backing up.  You see, just as Organized For A Mission, a book to help L.D.S. missionaries and their parents successfully prepare for missionary work, was about to go to print, right at the last moment on the last day, just as I was making the last important changes, corrections, and improvements, my computer died (actually the fan on the motherboard quit, but it sure sounded like a computer death).  I hadn’t backed up the files for more than a week!!!  Trouble!  Real trouble!

Backups are Great

Has this happened to you?  Just when you need to drive a far distance, you find the car empty of gas or a warning light begins to blink?  Just as you are walking out the door to an important appointment, the phone rings with a potentially more important call?  Just as you think life is going along with some sense of order, something or someone very important fails you.

Always Make a Backup

And so we come to the principle:  When it is important, consider the beauty, importance, and the absolute essential need for backups.  If it rains, what will we do about our picnic?  If we have car trouble, how will we get to the wedding on time?  If the reservation fails or the airplane doesn’t fly, or the person doesn’t pick us up, what will we do?

An Instructive Story

Just this last week, one of my friends dropped a sibling off at the airport, drove the two hours home only to discover a message on the answering machine announcing that the flight had been cancelled because of turbulent weather.  Back went my friend another two hours to pick up the sibling, and then two hours back home again.  What a few minutes seeing the sibling safely off would have saved!

So this week, as you go about the normal business of life, look at the bigger, upcoming events in your future and ask:  If it fails, what will I do?  If it breaks, what will I do?  If, just if, I need a backup, what can I do now so my backup plan is in place.

Backup Frequently

Of course, now I am backing up my computer files every two minutes.  I must remember not to eventually be lax and slothful.  If it can fail, it probably will.  If I am ready, I will be glad for the beauty of backups!  Have a great week!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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