. Dealing with Double Discouragement

I have a good friend that is morning sick. Yes, she is newly pregnant, the second time, actually, and she isn’t sure she wants to go through with this process again.  She has what I call double discouragement.  It goes this way…

If you have double discouragement, whether it be from morning sickness, too many babies too close together, an ill child, a worrisome marriage, or even a challenging teenager or two, may I offer a simple suggestion?

A Simple Solution

Counter the double discouragement with a simple solution.  No matter how bad today is, tomorrow might be better or it might be worse.  If it is better, smile some more.  If it is worse, get out a piece of paper and begin to list:  What is on my mind, what can I do about it, where do I start?

20-Minutes of Focus

Then promise yourself a 20-minute, yes just a 20-minute focus on something you can “do”.  Doing something, anything, will make the morning sickness fad momentarily, make your children look more lovely, and make a bad day just a bit brighter.  Yes, 20-minute miracles happen in my life all the time.  Write it down, figure out a small, short beginning project, and go to work.  Then write me about your experiences and I will share them at a future time.

Let’s Go

1, 2, 3, GO!  (And don’t forget to keep the bucket close by; morning sickness can be terribly volatile, even when you’re distracted for 20-minutes.)

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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