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The concepts discussed below were originally written specifically for the holiday season, but are useful during all stressful seasons of the year.


This week in November, the week before Thanksgiving, I would like to suggest the concept of FINISH-FORWARD.  You see, with one part of your heart, time management skills, and focus you should be finishing up before the holiday season officially begins next week.  There are bills to pay, a little bit of deep cleaning here or there, some projects you have been working on that would best be finished up or at least brought to a partial finishing point and then put away until January.

Make Lists

On the other side, with the another part of your focus, may I suggest you immediately sit down and decide what your responsibilities will be for next Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  If you will be traveling, of course you will have to start packing and making up of the list of things to take.  If you will be staying home and hosting company, it is time to prepare a list of what items to purchase, projects to do next Wednesday, activities for Thanksgiving morning, and what will need to be completed to make for a nice turkey dinner.  Then, of course, you also have to plan Friday and Saturday if company is coming your way.  Where will you go and what will you be doing?

Brakes and Gas Pedal

So, you will be focusing this next week, if you are going to be more organized, on finishing up and forwarding ahead. You will going to be going into two directions at once, one foot will be putting the brakes on and the other will be pushing the gas pedal.  To both stop and start, walk around your house today with the pen and paper in hand and say, “Yes, I need to take care of that.   I had better put this away because our company is coming and I don’t want it broken.  I think I’ll wrap this project up and put it away until January.  I will clean the toilet a little bit better as the company will really notice the ring around toilet.  I will get the ….”

Good luck this week, and remember to stay organized we’re focusing in two directions: FINISHING up and FORWARDING ahead.  So finish up everything that can be put away and plan for the things you’ll need to do for Thanksgiving next week!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu.  Used with permission.


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