. Morning’s Abbreviated Essentials

Occasionally, you and I have a late start morning.  This is either because we have overslept or because our “public” morning is starting earlier than usual.  Sometimes, when I have unexpected late nights counseling or comforting, the morning after can be daunting because I lose pacing so quickly because of the demands of the day (which are always sitting there ready to pounce as soon as I am up).  Other times, the day is going to start earlier than usual and I will have to be ready to go before I’m even really awake.

How do you keep up the habits which firmly launch you into a good day, those essential patterns of prayer, scripture reading, exercising, and beautifying, even when you get a late start?

I am learning several skills.  May I share?


When I know an upcoming morning is going to be hectic, my greatest tool is pre-planning.  What will I wear, in what order will I do my necessary routines?  What tasks will I leave for later in the day?  What will I substitute out or even eliminate?

Because I know you will enjoy this, I will share a recent example.  I was going to have an early, hectic morning.  I decided what I would wear the night before.  I chose a simple, easy to put on outfit that would meet my housecleaning needs plus be useful when I shared an afternoon in public with an associate (minus the apron I would wear in the morning to keep my clothes clean and plus a scarf at my neck).

Pray, Exercise,  Journal, and Read

I always pray first and did so in my usual seclusion.  I decided that my exercise for the day would be briskly walking from my van to the afternoon appointment and then back again, so I parked an extra block away from the appointment on purpose to accomplish my exercise need (however abbreviated it would be).

I took a smaller set of scriptures to read while waiting for my associate to arrive as I knew this person was often a bit late and this would accommodate that part of my daily routine.  I also took a notebook to make journal notes in case they were even later than my scripture reading needs with the thought to make a complete journal entry when I arrived home.

Make Yourself Attractive

I decided to eliminate most of my makeup and just use lipstick and mascara because the outfit I had chosen tended to brighten my facial features in a natural way and with the addition of a scarf, I would look nice enough.

I prepared my simple lunch and the paperwork necessary for my appointment the night before so it would be ready to grab when I was going out the door (and left a written reminder on my desk).

All in all, it worked so much better than other late start mornings I have struggled through.  So let’s be in charge again of our days, our moods, and our accomplishments.  In other words, because some mornings are messy, let’s have a plan of attack for all unannounced such mornings and especially for those we can anticipate.  Much of this is helped by a morning with our personal essential habits still a part of our routine, however abbreviated their place may be!

P.S.  For those of you needing a good apron (red, green, or blue) for housecleaning or to keep your clothes clean, please see www.houseoforder.com/store/.

Photo from sxc.hu.  Used with permission.


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