. Organize As You Go

Probably just like you do occasionally, I’m entering a new season of life which is stretching and challenging all my previous organization skills.  Memories of simple days seem so far away they are fuzzy.  All is more confusing, frustrating, and tangled nowadays.  I’m here and I’m there.  I have this responsibility which seems to overlap with that need.  I am off and gone first thing in the morning one day and then am home without outside commitments the next until evening.

People need me as much as ever, if not more so, and seem to need me right away.  There seems to be so much freedom and yet so much confinement.  It is definitely a new and interesting place to be.  With all this freshness, I’m working on one small habit that I would like to share.  It is helping me keep up with the varying needs of this new season, or at least to feel like I’m more in control and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Organize As You Go

I call it “organize as you go.”  The concept means bringing all projects to the next beginning point before I stop.  It means completely finishing when I’m done.  It means watching for holes in my habits so that I close the cupboards in my kitchen before I leave the room and tighten the handle of a leaky tap when I’m done (with plans to fix it this weekend).  It means that I can return to my home, my desk, and my bedroom and find more in order, more often.

Land Well

For instance, I’m trying more than I ever have before to empty the van, put away my treasures after arriving home from errands, and restock the van with fresh water, change, and simple foods for my next trip around and about.

Have Spares

I’m trying to have extra makeup on hand so I’m not scrapping the bottom of lipstick tube in order to look pretty in the morning.  I’m making sure that if a skirt needs hemming, it is put in my sewing closet and not back in my bedroom closet after I notice the matter.


In other words, I’m going just a bit slower and doing just a bit more of bringing things back to order in my life.  I’m not leaving the table until the dishes are rinsed and in the dishwasher.  I’m trying to transfer notes from post-it notes to permanent places right after phone conversations.  I’m emptying my fanny pack of receipts and trash on Mondays when I do my weekly budget.  I’m putting all canned fruit and frozen meats in the refrigerator on Mondays so the rest of my meal preparations will be easier.

In your daily routines, where could you use a bit more “organize as you go”?  With just a bit of practice, a little bit of inconvenience, and a few moments of time, you will find your efficiency and effectiveness will increase considerably!  Remember, organize as you go!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu.  Used with permission.


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