. Weeding Again

When I went away last weekend, I could hear the weeds in my yard giggling as I drove off.  You see, I have also been “absent” from my yard for a few days a couple of weeks ago and they got ahead of me.  I did a three-hour, total yard marathon weeding just before this last trip, but couldn’t weed deeply or thoroughly.  I mostly got the “big” ones that were showing their flowers and throwing their seeds.  As has happened before, the weeds got ahead of me this year.  One week’s distraction and they seem to take over.

Personal Weeds

Isn’t it the same with the personal weeds in our life.  Take care of it while it is small and its done and gone.  Let it grow a bit, even water it accidentally, forget to hoe it out, and you have a mess of dandelions to deal with for a lot of tomorrows.

Family & Friend Weeds

The child who is sassy and we are too tired to have a short, crucial discussion about appropriate language soon is sassing and like a weed encouraging the rest of the family to follow.  The teenager who is disobedient and we are at a loss of how to train and teach soon abandons all responsibilities and feeds off others.  The friendship that is frayed to almost gone and we are too distracted to pay much attention soon is seeding discontent, dissension, and eventual abandonment.  Oh, how important are the weeds of our lives.

Household Weeds

The bedroom that becomes slightly messy seems to sprout more untidiness even as we sleep.  The dishes undone from just one day grow and fester in our kitchen to create chaos and frustration.  The grocery shopping that doesn’t get done, the laundry that sits, the bills that remain unpaid all are “giggling” at their power in our lives.  Weeds again.

May I encourage you this week, as you go about your daily routines, to choose one “weed” in your life over which you would like to take total control.  Are there dandelions of defeat in your dirty clothes, morning glory of bills waiting your attention, or thistles of disobedient children who need to be reigned in and disciplined?  It is a mess in your storage room, a smell in your refrigerator, or a stack of papers in your home office?  Where are the weeds you need to hoe?

Time to Weed

Let’s choose one unwanted plant, have a “marathon” hoeing hour and get ahead.  Then we can more easily keep up with our weeds while they are still small and easily discarded, dealt with, and otherwise controlled.  Happy weeding!

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Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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