. When We’re In A Hurry

I’ve been a hurry a lot these past few weeks.  It seems my commitments have stacked themselves one upon another without relief and I am trying to keep too many people happy all at once.  As my schedule has tightened, I have noticed that my joy in life has diminished.  I believe this is because hurrying doesn’t allow us to deeply enjoy the small pleasures of each day.

We only have so much capacity to soak in life.  If we are always worrying about getting there on time, finishing up the dishes before we have to go, remembering to put everything in our vehicle, and being upset with the kids because they are so slow….well, life loses its treasures.

May I suggest that working things just a bit so we can walk slower, drive slower, and talk slower (or actually not converse at all), we will begin to enjoy life more?  Our tension will go, our spirits will rise, and our moods will improve.

Imagine what our families and coworkers will think when we walk unhurriedly into the room, smile with assurance and leisure, and then proceed with a confident, but leisurely gait?  All this is possible if we can be just a little bit early, start a little sooner, leave a bit before we really need to, and have things in order before we must go.

This next week, may I encourage you to watch your own routines and look for ways and places where you might slow…….way down.  Really, it is only a few minutes that makes a big difference.

Can you arise three minutes earlier?

Can you put the kids’ lunches together the night before?

Can you decide what you will wear before you retire?

Can you find other, simple ways to slow it down…..

As you do, especially if you are watching for the treasures of life, you will have time to divert to smell the yellow rosebuds in your front yard, watch the hawk land while you wait at a stop light, and smile at the bus driver as you leave the children off for school.

Everything can be different.  It is just a few minutes, going a bit slower, and taking the hurry out of your life.  Try it, you will definitely like it!

Find more helpful ideas in my House of Order Handbook.

Photo from sxc.hu. Used with permission.


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