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Ben and Jessica Raguskus

Hello Sister Ricks,

I had learned a method of praising children from your workshops last year: Specific praise. I decided to try it out on my six-year-old son. I even had him do the exact chore from the workshop example, vacuum the bathroom rug.

He did the job willingly and then came to tell me he was finished. I took a look and said, “Wow, Ben, that rug looks like it is brand new!” instead of my usual, “Good job, buddy, thanks!”

That child’s buttons just about burst off his shirt, and his whole face lit up. Then he said the words that shocked me, “What else can I do, Mom?”

I had him make his bed and when I checked it I told him, “That bed looks just like a hotel bed.” More grins and pride from the six-year-old.

I can’t say I’m good at doing this all the time, but when I do, the results are amazing with happier children.

I still get reports from Ben that his bed is made like a hotel bed and I can come see how smooth it is.

Thanks for a small and simple, yet powerful parenting tool!


Raguskus Family

Raguskus Family


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