Quote of the Day – 018

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

~Bonnie Miles’ favorite quote.  She also comments:  “Marie, I read your newsletters with interest .   I am semi-retired, with a retired husband (or maybe just TIRED)…. and we, together have collected a houseful of stuff.    Now we are raising a 16-year-old grandson, so we’re back in the parenting mode.  That’s interesting!

For years, I have owned and operated my own tour company, and my favorite quote has been for my tour participants.  It applies to everything in life, though – from work, to family, to church callings,  so it may work in your list of quotes.  I keep it hanging in my office.

I have found, that in life, if we aren’t willing to bend a little, we’ll find ourself bent out of shape a WHOLE LOT !

Good luck to you!

Photo from sxc.hu.  Used with permission.

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