4-in-1 Craftsman Screwdriver – Product Review 004

Photo courtesy of Sears.com

The Dilemma

Have you ever had this happen to you?  A screaming toddler (you can replace the aforesaid with any other loud, demanding person—your boss, for example) insists that you replace a toy battery which requires a screwdriver to remove the cover. So you dump out everything of the junk drawer:  no screwdriver; you run to the other junk drawer, finally finding one, only to realize the screwdriver you found is a flat-head and you need a Phillips. In my house this scenario, or a slight variation thereof, has happened many times.  I call it the “Screwdriver Dilemma.”

The Solution

Sears’ Craftsman 4-in-one Screwdriver is the answer to the Screwdriver Dilemma.  This is what’s so cool: it is a screwdriver that has two bits built-in, so you always have a Phillips and a flat head screwdriver.  Different sized screw heads?  No problem: one bit is for smaller screws and the other one is for larger.  That’s three less screwdrivers to clutter your junk drawers.

Long Term…

I just got my screwdriver and have only tried it out on some minor repairs around my house, so I cannot personally attest to its reliability. But according to the reviews I read, it’s a durable tool– even for professionals, and the 4-in-one becomes your go-to screwdriver.  I’m looking forward to many years being free of the “Screwdriver Dilemma,” especially this Christmas!

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~Stephanie Kelley


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