Have More of Heaven in 2011

Today, I’d like to organize for the year 2011 just a little bit.  During the last quarter of every year, I like to see the structure of the next year.  It gives me a bit of pacing for what I’m getting into.  It makes me feel like I’m ahead of the game and more ready for the big jump.

Taking just a minute to become familiar with what 2011 will bring and preparing adequate and convenient calendars will settle in your mind what you can anticipate as the new year unfolds.  This pre-organization, if you will, makes you competent and confident as you organize for the holiday season.  If your calendars are purchased and/or printed and stashed, you can become more familiar with the dynamics for this upcoming, exciting year.   Having next year’s calendars at hand will be beneficial, too, because they can be put up at your leisure during some slower holiday morning without all the hustle and bustle of shopping when the crowds are at their worse.

One page, yearly calendar

I like to have smaller calendars wherever I am sitting at a computer, in my checkbook and/or credit card holder, and wherever I might sit when doing paperwork.  I like a medium-sized one inside the cupboard door of my laundry room and kitchen, where I dress and even where I do my hair.  My mind is usually thinking during these occasions of daily toil and a calendar helps me think with greater clarity.


I tend to multiply my calendars to increase convenience and competency, thus putting them freely into binders for community or church work, even hanging them in the master bedroom closet and keeping them in my planner.

There are many calendars out there, some of which we hang for beauty.  But my favorites are a one-page, whole year calendar for general posting around the house and landscape half-sheet calendars for mid-sized planners which are ideal for making numerous notes.

Click here to download 2011 one-page, yearly calendar.

Click here to download 2011 half-page, monthly calendars.

Half-page, monthly 2011 calendars

I have prepared two free 2011 calendar downloads for your easy calendar preparations.  These are the ones I use most, so feel free to print the ones you can use and post them wherever you tend to sit and/or think (I especially look at the one near my kitchen stove and the one posted inside my bathroom vanity door).  You’ll also love having these convenient monthly calendars in your planner because they have the advantage of the layout of the month and the lined space for many copious comments, as necessary.

2011 Configuration

As you review next year’s calendar, you will notice we will have a non-leap year February in 2011 and Easter will be quite late, April 24th.  Only two weeks later we will be celebrating again as Mother’s Day will be earlier in the month (May 8, 2011).  Father’s Day comes quite late (June 19, 2011), almost six Sundays after Mother’s Day.  Independence Day is on Family Night as is Halloween in 2011.  These two holidays can have an extra flair because of their placement.

Labor Day happens right nicely at September 5th.  Christmas Day is on the Sabbath as well as New Year’s Day 2012, which means that some of our “weekday” celebrations for these last two holidays might be spread forwards or backwards to the Saturdays or Mondays.  This makes for a lengthier, delightful holiday season.

As you become familiar with 2011’s calendar, you might want to include your immediate family in a fun family activity:  memorizing the following 12 numbers.  Those numbers are 266–315–374–264.  These are the dates of the first Sunday of each month during 2011.

From there it is easy to figure out the exact construction of a particular month and know which day of the week a certain date is on.  For instance, my son’s birthday is January 11.  What day of the week will it be on in 2011?  Well, the first Sunday in 2011 is the 2nd.  The second Sunday is the 9th.  Therefore, our birthday celebration will be on a Tuesday!

May this last quarter of 2010 be full of fun, fancy, and fulfillment even as your mind reaches ahead to planning, preparing, and producing for 2011.  With such preparations and organization, way before the stress of this year’s holiday season, you can anticipate 2011 being much closer to heaven that ever before.  Well, at least you’ll be ready at your end!

Photo from sxc.hu.  Used with permission.

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