Mini-Molly – Marie’s Recommendation 002

I’ve just found a wonderful new product that organizes me personally.  Yes, I know this is a diversion from organizing your life, home, and family.  But, it has solved so many problems for me, I was sure you would want to know about it.

The mini-molly, a cami from, is made of soft, stretchy fabric.  The one I love has a small, cap sleeve and ends with a bit of gentle elastic right under the bustline, saving the bulk that often comes with regular camis.

Younger, most slender women don’t mind the bulk of several layers, but each bit of layering is both bloating and uncomfortable on my current body shape.

When I tried on the mini-molly, it fit perfectly and I promptly forgot I was wearing it, a sure sign that is made well, fits nicely, and is doing its job.

No longer do I worry about stooping over and having someone see my belly button.  No longer do I worry about buying outer pieces of clothing and wondering how I’ll keep myself modest.  No longer do I consider whether I’ll look well-dressed all at the same time.

The mini-molly has just answered so many personal organization questions for me.  And it comes in all kinds of colors including:  coral, turquoise, black, crème, chocolate, blue, red, lavender, and white.  I’m sure other colors will soon be available, too.

My wardrobe has a boost, too, because my neutral pieces will now have a bit of color to offset and brighten them.  Oh, I’m just so pleased with this cami and am sure you will be, too.

And to top off this recommendation, after my initial delight in’s products, I contacted them and indicated I was doing a review.  They offered a 15% discount to all customers coming from my site and entering the code “houseoforder.”  Happy shopping!

~Marie Calder Ricks


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