From D to F

More and more, I find that I live in a world of dsyfunction (thus the D in the title).  What I really want is a world of greater function (thus the F in the title).
How do you move from Dsyfunction to Function?  I believe the key is to be in fix-it mode at least once a day.


In anticipation of writing this newsletter, I have attempted to fix something each day this last week.  I have shortened the sleeves on a blouse, opened and put together a line trimmer (not a true fix-it item, but one taking as much emotional energy and brain power as it has waited for me some four weeks), cleaned out a clogged bathroom drain, and decided to toss a drill that won’t repair no matter how much loving care it was given by my husband and me.


I encourage you this week (even though we are in the middle of a hot summer) to fix one thing in your life every day.  Two benefits will come.  Your world will become more ordered and you will feel better about yourself for having tried (and sometimes failed), but at least come to a conclusion about life’s little challenges.


Remember, one fix-it item each day.  Write a note for your spouse (and/or best fix-it son or daughter) about a mutual weekend fix-it item and stick it on the refrigerator so he/she can know what this weekend might bring.  With two of you working on fixing, functionality will improve considerably.




Photos from  Used with permission.

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