Book Review: ABC Organization

1 LJ from says about ABC Organization, Fun and Easy Life Skills for Children of All Ages:


When I am asked to review books, they are generally involved and complicated. It was truly delightful to be asked to review ABC Organization by Marie Calder Ricks.


Marie is a professional organizer, and teaches children how to organize. She understands how important it is to get our kids organized as young as possible. Her latest book, ABC Organization, is aimed at the preschool age child and goes over the basics of organization.


This book was a light and fun read.  Although my daughter is older, she enjoyed looking at the pictures of the animals getting organized and cooperating.



2 Camille says:


Marie, ABC Organization was wonderful!  It is a great way to teach little ones at a young age the importance of order.  I wish there were more books like this for children to read and to help impact their ability to create good habits when they are little.

This book is a must with parents with little children.  ~Camille Christensen




3 And from Mary Ann Johnson, home school coach says about ABC Organization:

“Darling book. I loved the words that you chose to use…”  Read full review!






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