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Toddler To Do Cards –

4 Different Cards per Page


An article teaching the principles for using the Toddler To Do Cards appears in the Fall 2011 edition of Latter-day Woman Magazine.  The article was written co-authored with Kammi Pyles, an energetic mother of four children.  Kammi designed the card downloads and has used this system quite successfully.


This first download is for a single set of cards, and is appropriate for one child’s needs.  There are a total of seven sheets, including some blank forms for personalized chores and/or skills.



Toddler To Do Cards –

4 Same Cards per Page

The second download has four of the same Toddler To Do Cards on a single sheet is and is useful for larger families.  There are a total of 26 sheets in this download, including a blank form for personalized chores and/or skills you may want to use.


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