Motivated Moms: Product Review 015

Along with shuffling around my children’s chores, January has also been a great time to shuffle around my own. I admit that my house could be cleaner, I just lack the motivation. Probably the only time my house was up to par for cleanliness was the year I paid for a cleaning lady–the year I was pregnant with my 5th child. Since then, not so much.

This year, I’m trying out Motivated Moms.I’d never heard of this cleaning system designed for moms until I downloaded it for this review, but what a great idea! It consists of a list of chores to do and check off every day of the week for the whole year. The idea is to have a system that keeps housework manageable. Both the paper version and the mobile version cost $8.


When I looked at what options they had, I decided buying the app for my iPad was best for my situation. I have not seen the paper version, so my review is for the electronic version of Motivated Moms.




Why This Has Worked for Me So Far

Sometimes I wake up with a million things to do and I only have a couple hours in the morning before the insanity begins. As I look around my house, I want to do whatever will make the most impact with my limited time. Motivated Moms provides a convenient list of cleaning tasks and includes a few helpful household management items each day. Following a schedule helps me mentally by knowing I’m doing something to keep my house in order, especially at the end of the day when I can look at my checked-off list. In the last few weeks I’ve kept track of the things I like about the program and what irritates me.






–Having a daily list keeps me productive instead of getting overwhelmed and throwing up my hands.

–There’s a task to read to my children every day: love that!

–The bible reading schedule.  I like the idea of reading the bible in a year–though I’ve been unable to keep up with the pace.

–Big jobs are broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

–You can forward jobs to another day, in case you are too busy that day…or too sick. I spent last week down sick. I forwarded all the jobs I was unable to do all week to Saturday. I              then assigned them out to each of my children and used the color-coding feature for clarity. As my children finished their jobs, they came and marked it off. It worked great.

–You can add your own daily chores: I added “Walk Pirate” (the dog) and “Practice Violin” (with my son) because I have to supervise both of those activities.

–I let my 4-year-old mark off his jobs daily since he’s not in school yet. It’s fun for him to do while I’m marking off my jobs.

–There’s daily reminders for medication and quiet time.

–Things come up that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own–like yesterday was “Check your credit score.”





–I’m finding that I’m spending more time on household chores than I did before–maybe that’s a good thing.

–People’s standards of cleaning differ widely. Following someone else’s schedule of cleaning is always interesting, and in my case usually ends with me cleaning more than I would on my own. Some chores, like take out my trash, I don’t usually do every day.  I might want to do it every other day. It would be nice if I could change certain daily jobs to every other day or every few days instead of only having the option to hide that task.

–Big jobs are broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks (yes, I know this was in the “Pros”), i.e. instead of cleaning the whole bathroom, the schedule says to clean the bathroom mirrors on one day and clean the toilets on another, etc.  This is great for for someone who’s an “all-or-nothing” type (like me–all too often it ends up being “nothing”), but sometimes starting a task in one room leads to doing more in that room that aren’t on the list and uses up the time for other jobs on the list that you want to check off.

For example, today I cleaned the light fixture in my dining room, which is great–I think the last time I did it was a year ago–but that caused dust to fall on my dining room table. So I had to dust my dining room table. Get the picture?




Summing Up

Over all, I like Motivated Moms. It’s a great tool for moms to stay on top of things and stay productive; but maybe not every personality. I’m looking forward to seeing how my house and my habits change this year.  I’m already appreciating that things are more clean. I think it’s well worth $8 for the year–much cheaper than hiring a cleaning lady!


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