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Arden Haskin, Volunteer Writer

Arden Haskin – Volunteer Writer

Arden D. Haskin was born in Sacramento, California as the fourth of five children to John F. and Erna Cram Davis.  She attended Sacramento High School where she was a staff member of the monthly newspaper and the Year Book.  She attended two years of college at Sacramento City College and was the student director of the Drama Department.

She is married to Laurence J. Haskin and has had extensive experience working with children and teenagers of all ages as they have nine children, 36 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren.  She and her husband have served two missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one in Guatemala, and the second in Uruguay.

Daunell Clarke, Volunteer Writer

Daunell Clarke – Volunteer Writer

Daunell Clarke grew up in Eastern Oregon and Western Washington, the eldest child in a large musical family.  She served a mission in New Hampshire for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and fell in love with her husband on a blind date when they were both students at Brigham Young University.

Daunell is the mother of seven wonderful children, who range in age from seventeen to four.  She has more than thirty years of experience creating quilts and children’s clothing, loves to sing, and especially enjoys reading stories and poetry aloud.

Her family values order as part of their quest to improve and make home a haven; they are continually looking for creative solutions as they battle Entropy on a daily basis!

Evelyn Cox, Volunteer Writer

Evelyn Cox – Volunteer Writer

My name is Evelyn Cox.  I’m a stay at home mom of two children, a beautiful daughter and a handsome son.  I have been married for just over ten years to my husband, who is an astoundingly dedicated and kind man.  I was born and raised here in Utah, and am happy to be able to raise my kids here as well.  I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking, being frugal, and anything related to simplified living.

Like most moms, I have a full schedule and am a firm believer in being as organized as possible to accomplish all I set my mind to.

My ambitions?  I dream of making the world a better place, for everyone, one person at a time, by sharing what (perhaps little) resources and knowledge I have.  I daydream about feeding the hungry, healing the sick, assisting the lame.  I imagine a world of unity, or peace, and of general joy.  And so my quest to change the world begins…

Stephanie Kelley, Product Reviews

Stephanie Kelley – Product Reviews

Stephanie Kelley is the product reviewer for  Watch for her  opinions, shopping experience, and how to get the best quality items for personal, home, and family organization.   From housecleaning sponges to home office letter trays, from canned beans to diaper wipes, she’ll tell you what is the best bet for your buck!

Stephanie graduated from BYU with Honors and a degree in Psychology.  She jumped right in to her chosen profession exactly a month later when her first son was born.  In her long and illustrious career as a wife and mother, she has become an avid consumer, accrued much shopping experience,  and come to enjoy stating her opinion in a blunt manner: all preparing her for success in consumer advocacy.

She is a hopeless wanna-be organizer with dreams of one day being able to actually find things in her home.  She realizes that she might not achieve this dream until all five of her children have flown the nest.  She admits that her compulsion to read and write also interfere with organizing her household (except for when she’s reading one of Marie Ricks’ books).

Candice Andrus, Site Photographer

Candice Andrus – Site Photographer

Photographic Artist Candice Andrus has been quoted as having a style and edge all her own, an ability to capture the great expressions of the moment, and a knack for creating non-conventional perspectives and angles. She especially loves creating photographic art featuring God’s most beautiful creations, His children. Candice’s past as a performing artist studying and creating dance, mastering and performing classical music as a pianist, and modeling on the runway and for the camera herself has fused together into her present passion through the photographic lens. Candice resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and is living her most important dream of being the wife of Timothy Andrus, and the mother to Trent and Hadley.

Merrily Evans – Product Photographer

Merrily’s photo and a short bio will be posted shortly.

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