House of Order

Class Testimonials

May 2010

Jessica Womeldorf. I took your series of classes last year and really had a great time!  My cousin went to your class at Ed. Week and took me along to the classes last fall.  I went only for the Girls Night Out aspect.  I wasn’t feeling the need to be more organized and quite frankly I didn’t want someone to tell me that I needed to clean more.  I really enjoyed your class.  It was entertaining and contained a perfect blend of information, the spirit, and fun!  I implemented some of your ideas ideas and they are working great for me.

March 2010

Becky Katoa. Marie, thank you so very much for all that you’ve taught me and help me with in these classes.  My home and life are much more organized and I feel great!  You have a gift when it comes to organization and left me feeling motivated and capable!  I hope you know how much you are appreciated.

Stephanie Lloyd.  Sister Ricks, you have blessed so many lives with your knowledge.  Thank you for sharing your talents.  You are wonderful!

Christina Lloyd.   Thank you so much for all you are doing by holding all of these classes.  I have learned so much and will see you in another class sometime soon.  Thank you.

Homemade Brain Box by Jill Stuart, 2010

Tiffany Alleman.  Sister Ricks, thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us!  Your classes have really been a  highlight of my week and I’ve learned so much.  I want to be more like you!  Thank you again.  You are amazing.

Danielle Lloyd.  Sister Ricks, you have done so much for me and my family.  Thank, you, thank you, thank you!

Tycee, Ruthie, Cheryl. Thank you for giving of your time and talents to help us get our lives in order.  Thank you for all your preparation and visual aids and sense of humor.  It was worth the drive.

February 2010

Jill Stuart.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents so freely with women everywhere.  I have loved all your classes and have made alot of improvements as a result.  Specifically, thanks to your Brain Box.  I have always been a good housekeeper, but feel liberated since scheduling the big jobs throughout the year.  The mental clutter of my revolving mental list is now gone!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and personal experiences so freely.  I wish women in general were more open so we culd hep each other more easily the way we have during this class.  Thank you so much!