Organize Your Family

Master Plan

To get your family more organized, follow this three-step plan.

1) Choose a room or project from this page and click the appropriate link.

2) Next, on the second page read to learn about specific organization concepts.

3) Finally, go to work and organize your own world.

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All right, it is time to choose one of the rooms or projects listed below:

->Choose a Room or Project

->Learn Concepts

->Go to Work


Clothing Management

Children’s Clothes


Family Council

Family Calendar

Extra-curricular activities

Family Mission Statement


Filing Systems

Home manager’s filing system

Teenager’s Filing System

Instructions and warranties filing system

Topical filing system

Family history filing system


Food Management

Dishes – Getting Dinner Done

Grocery Shopping

Feeding Unexpected Company

Food Storage

Food Storage Inventory Forms

Master grocery list

Master Menu

Recipe Binder – Temporary Home for New Recipes

Recipe books

Recipe Box


Gift Giving

Family History Gift Giving


Home Storage

Family Identity Binder

How To Go To Walmart Once a Year



Cleaning Products

Housecleaning  chores – delegation

Housecleaning Methods

Stay-at-home Housecleaning Plan

Working’s Person’s Housecleaning Plan



Laundry Routines




L.D.S. Missionary (buy the items below to substantially increase your organization as you prepare a son or daughter for their mission)

Missionary Preparations Binder

Missionary Affairs Binder

Missionary Journal Binder



Family Information Binder

Family Identity Binder

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards – All Occasions

Greetings Cards – Holiday

Permanent Lists

Sources Binder


Photo Albums


Time Management

Prepare For the Day

Quarterly Review

Weekly Map





Best Price Box


Debt Reduction






Personal Habits

Improve Spousal Organization Habits



When the Baby Comes


Teach Children Essential Skills

Bathroom Skills

Sharing Skills

Teach Children Not to Hit

Teach Children to Work

Teach Children Household Skills

Summer Jobs

Teaching Children to Obey (Ages 2-6)

Extended Family

Aging Parents

When Children Parent Their Parents


Adult Siblings


Adult Children Living in Home


Family Reunions

Go to Organize Home – Master Plan

Go to Organize Self – Master Plan

Remember, we are constantly updating and adding information.  If you don’t find an article to meet your needs, please write and she or a member of her staff will be happy to address your desires.

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