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Hi Marie,

You inspired me quite a while ago to get my food storage squared away.  Thank you for that!  In a couple of months we are moving from North Salt Lake to Boston.  We’re a family of 4.  I’m wondering what to do with my food storage!!!  I’ll bet you’ve heard this question before and might have some advice to consider.  It represents so much time and money.  On one hand it’s silly to move it.  On the other it’s silly not to.  I don’t know what to think.  Thanks for any help or suggestions!  ~Aimee

Dear Aimee:  Eat it up as much as possible, putting away the money you save so you can repurchase it in Boston.  It is rarely worth moving it if you have time to eat it up.  Give away or sell what you can to family and friends as you get closer to the move, again putting away the money you earn.  Give away for nothing what you can’t sell, if you are financially secure and it would benefit someone you know or the local church leader knows could readily use it.  Move the rest and replenish as soon as you get settled in Boston (probably three months or so after the move).  ~Marie

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Fast Clean/Deep Cleaning Standards Cards

Fast Clean /Deep Clean Standards Cards – Transfer Containers


I recently purchased your The Children You Want with the Kids You Have book and I am loving  incorporating some things into our life!  I am curious though, about  the “transfer containers.”

Who actually “transfers” the items, and when?  I have gotten myself  into the habit of putting things on the stairs that go up, and then  taking them each time I make a trip upstairs.

But with the room transfer containers, they hold LOTS of things that go to LOTS of  different rooms, and it seems a bit overwhelming to the child to run  all over the house putting even more away after they think they are  finished.  Any pointers?

If the child is very young, he would bring the “transfer” container to you, you would be in charge of transferring, and he would be done with just cleaning the room.  As the children grow older, you might give them one or two items to “transfer” on their way out the door to play or up the stairs to watch TV.  As the children mature even more, handling the “transfer” bucket items becomes part of their chores.  In this way, they appreciate more and more the importance of “putting it away, not putting it down.”

In a multi-level home, I suggest having individual personal containers for each member of the family situated in a convenient closet on each level.  Then the “transfer” bucket items go into the appropriate bucket on the level of the room being cleaned for individual members to retrieve at their own convenience.  This saves many a mother’s trip up and down stairs being the “maid” of the home.  ~ Marie

Thanks again for all your ideas, I can’t wait to order your other  books!  I have heard a lot of these principles before, but you make  them very “digestible.”  I really appreciate how you reiterate the same principles over and over so by the time I’m through the book,  they’re really nailed in my head!  ~Tiffany Damiano

Neoprene Long-sleeved Gloves

Marie, I’m searching for these neoprene long-sleeved gloves you spoke about in your recent housecleaning class.  Do you have any suggestions for how I could find them? JM

Jessica:  I have found the following link on the internet.  It might be helpful to you.   ~Marie

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