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Getting organized can be hard.  It can be confusing.  It can just be plain difficult.

I’m here to help.  My name is Marie Ricks and as a professional organizer, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women get more organized.  I can help you, too.

Just follow my instructions and you will be on your way to a new, better, more organized life.

First, decide what part of your life needs your attention the most.


I want to be more personally organized = Organize Self


I want my family to be more organized = Organize Family


I want my home to be more organized = Organize Home



Second, link to the appropriate Master Plan below:


Organize Self


Organize Family


Organize Home


Third, decide what project or room to tackle under the Master Plan you have chosen.

Fourth, link to the helpful instructions, learn the concepts necessary for success, and go to work!

If you can’t decide, may I suggest that we start getting organized with you…

Click here to begin getting personally organized.    Organize Self

If you need some additional attention, you can also do one of the following:

Make a coaching appointment with Marie for personalized help


Attend local House of Order classes for fun-filled evenings with others who share your dreams of becoming more organized


Purchase the House of Order Handbook and follow my step-by-step plan to get yourself, your home, and your family organized.

If you desire more help and motivation, you can also consider doing one or all of the following:


1)  Sign up for the House of Order Newsletter


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3)  Become my friend (i.e.  Marie Calder Ricks) on Facebook and receive daily organization suggestions


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Remember, to be more organized is to have an awesome life.  If you get discouraged or distracted, please feel free to write me with your questions or comments at  I’m here to help you find answers … now!