Organize Self

Master Plan

To get yourself more organized, follow this three-step plan.

1) Choose a room or project from this page and click the appropriate link.

2) Next, on the second page read to learn about specific organization concepts.

3) Finally, go to work and organize your own world.

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All right, it is time to choose one of the rooms or projects listed below.

->Choose a room or project

->Learn concepts

->Go to work

Private Life


Revive Your Messy Office


Having More with Less


Computer Folders/Files

Hair Care

The Best Way to Get a Buzz:  Tips for a Haircut



Wall Calendar

Personal Planner

Prepare for the Day

Ready for the Day:  Exercise, Prayer, Scripture Study, and Making Yourself Attractive




Organizing Prescription Paperwork


Greeting Cards

Secret gift shelf

Personal Habits

Clutter Control

E.E.E. Purging Plan


Food Management – Menus

Housecleaning Plan


Put It Away


Organized to Serve


Stress Management


Time Management

Effective shopping skills

Plan, Prepare, Do and Review

Quarterly Review

Weekly Map

Public Life

Grooming & Makeup

Professional Dress

Professional Tools

Carrying case

Leather portfolio – large

Leather portfolio – small

Presentation container




Public Habits

Time Management – Public



Go to Organize Family – Master Plan

Go to Organize Home – Master Plan

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