House of Order

Professional and Business

Motivational Presentations

Marie will be happy to come to your business and speak on any business organization subject.

Utah County and Salt Lake County, Utah presentations are $100/each plus travel expenses at $1.00/mile round trip.

Out of area presentations are $100/presentation plus travel, food, and lodging expenses.

Professional Presentations include:

Organize As You Go

Successful Skills for Personal and Professional Productivity

Get more organized!  Make a difference in your personal life and your career.  Find out how to get 10% more time each and every day.  This personal and professional organization workshop will discuss the skills which have proven valuable to increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and gain a more organized life.

Seven Days to Better Organization

Would you like to be more efficient, effective, and otherwise shine in the workplace? Would you like to impress your employer, accomplish more with your peers, and have greater cooperation from your employees?  Learn how to be more personally and professionally organized! Find answers to common dilemmas about finishing skillfully, controlling clutter, handling paperwork, organizing your desk, and getting your responsibilities done right and on time using proven principles and practices!

Taming Money With Your Honey

Do you want to find financial constancy, have peace in your family, and get out completely out of debt?  Do you desire to gain eventual financial independence? Do you just want to be able to pay the bills this month and have money left over for food?  If so, this presentation will help settle your personal financial world so you can be more productive in your professional career.

Gaining, Maintaining and Retaining Clients in

an Organized Way

Do you want to find clients, nurture them, and then keep them happy as your business grows?  Learn simple and effective systems for keeping pertinent information at your fingertips so hard-earned clients become consistent clients, and eventually become good friends who support your business and advertise your services.

See calendar below for available dates and then contact Marie at marie@houseoforder to make further arrangements.

Photo from Permission received from Aleš Čerin.